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Charli is a renowned night owl who tries to survive life on 5 hours of sleep a night in order to get all her reading done. She loves all kinds of books: YA, NA, Adult, Fantasy, Contemporary, Sports, Baby Drama, Dark, Romantic Suspense, and so much more! She has an unhealthy addiction to bookish candles to go along with her books addiction. Let’s just say that they feed off each other. She is currently working as a student teacher because she has a desire to teach little people one of these days.

She is a hopeless romantic at heart and her ratings often reflect that. If you give her all of the feels, keep her ass glued to the chair, and give her some steamy romance (or at least some romance in regards to YA), the writing is well done, the story flows flawlessly, then she will lean toward giving a book five stars. If the book kept her interest and she liked the characters (think of it as a solid read), then you can expect she will give four stars. If the book was just okay, she did not connect with the characters, or the writing was a little on the choppier side, then you can expect more of a 3 or below star rating.

Connect with Charli:

Instagram @charli_the_book_princess

EmilyEmily is a working mom of three little ones, and lives in a perpetual state of tiredness.  When she isn’t boggled down with spreadsheets, chauffeuring kids to sports, and cleaning the neverending mess of a house, she enjoys relaxing with a good book.  During the day, Emily is a Sr Business Analyst at a Fortune 500 company, but at night, she likes to think of herself as Super Mom, the woman who holds it all together!

Married for almost 13 years, Emily is a hopeless romantic that loves nothing more than to jump into a pile of steamy romance to relax after a busy day.  Middle grade, YA, fantasy, and so much more are also up for grabs.  Basically if it makes her forget about her responsibilities for a while, she enjoys reading it.  When it comes to reviewing, Emily is pretty easy to please, and hands out a lot of five stars.  If the writing is good, and the characters well developed she’s most likely to hand it that gold star review!

Emily will forever be a Twihard, a Potterhead, and a Directioner.  As long as you never diss Harry Styles in front of her, you’ll be lifelong friends forever!

Connect with Emily:

Instagram  @yabookgrl1981